How to Get SEO Topic Ideas with SCOHalo?

Content Topic Ideas

Analyzing content based on a target keyword, SCOHalo can generate some analysis information for content optimization, including topic suggestions and competitive analysis. Generally, analysis information varies from keyword to keyword. By switching keywords, you can get different content analyses and insights generated by SCOHalo. When you have great ideas that SCOHalo provides for you, you can be very clear about what you need to write for each section of an article.

How to Get Topic Ideas with SCOHalo?

Topic Suggestions

Topic Suggestions refer to some ideas for content optimization. By analyzing the article based on a target keyword, SCOHalo lets you know clearly what type of content could be best for each section of an article and could be ranked top in the search engines.

Let’s learn how to get topic suggestions below:

Step 1: Click the “Evaluate Post” option and SCOHalo will start analyzing the content based on a target keyword.

Step 2: Then SCOHalo will show you complete topic suggestions based on the top 50 organic results.

  • An option like “1-3”, “4-10” or “11-50” – the rankings of content topic ideas
  • Current Topic – to let you know specifically what you should write for an article
  • Recommended Position – the specified content ideas for each section of an article
  • Bar graph – the number of texts that each content topic idea relates to

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis includes SERP ranking and its content scores. The scores are calculated based on word count and difference in text.

After the content is evaluated, you will get top 10 organic results based on a target keyword. Directly click the target URL, then you can view the full content for reference.

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