Supported Industries

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TravelIt is all about travel-related content including hotels, attractions, tickets, visas, travel agencies, insurance, etc.
RecipesAn introduction to various ingredients and recipes.
DrugsIt is all about drug-related knowledge.
LogisticsIt is related to logistics transport, warehousing, and customs.
Landscape DesignThe introduction to landscape design ideas and methods, including plants, gardening tools, ways of planting, garden maintenance, etc.
SEOSEO-related content introduction, including keywords, internal and external links, content creation, SEO tools, and SEO tech.
Vocational TrainingAn introduction to vocational training, such as career prospects, vocational training courses, training schools, etc.
Automotive RepairIt is related to Auto repair knowledge, including car modification, the way to buy car parts, the causes of car failure analysis, etc.
PatentAn introduction to patent knowledge, patent process, patent services, etc.
SharewareContents include software usage, software introduction, computer knowledge, system settings, and solutions to various related problems.
KitchenRelevant paragraphs about various kitchen tools, home appliances, kitchen furniture and their materials, functions and maintenance.
GeneralGeneral model for all industries.