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Why Rewrite Content with SCOHalo?

Rewrite content with AI in seconds

Our AI is equipped with core creativity to quickly rewrite the content you provide, and you’ll have new and original content in seconds.

Make your content more authentic

We use our own AI language models to make your content easier to understand and more authentic by changing words or sentences. Our Paragraph Rewriter will improve your fluency and also ensure you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style.

Built for everyone

The tool is suitable for everyone, especially SEOers, bloggers, copywriters, marketers, freelance writers, etc.

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SCOHalo shows you a step-by-step SEO content workflow going from keyword group to article optimization. You just need to enter information and click “Next” following the on-screen instructions.

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Step 1: Add a category.
Step 2: Organize keywords into a keyword group.
Step 3: Select a classifier, then wait for data to be organized.
Step 4: View a keyword analysis report generated by system.
Step 5: Select a template or an outline to generate a draft.
Step 6: Save the draft, then go to the content editor.
Step 7: Refer to the analysis report, and optimize the content. Then publish the article.
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Yes, you can use this tool for free. It is made for you to try our AI-powered content creation.
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SCOHalo is an AI-powered content creation platform, helping you to analyze, generate and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes.
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SCOHalo is a content creation platform built for SEOers, content marketers, marketing agencies and more, using its own AI model that allows you to spend less time on researching and creating quality SEO content.

You can sign up SCOHalo for free and start a free trial. With a free account, you can still use a lot of features, but you will be limited.
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If you are an SEO, small business owner, freelancer, or blogger with a limited budget, the Individual plan will likely be the best option.
If you are an agency or you have a small team or mid-sized company with numerous clients, then the Team plan will be the best option.
For large agencies and enterprises, the Enterprise plan or custom plan will be best suited to you.

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