4 Methods to Create New Articles

SCOHalo supports 4 easy methods to create new articles.

Method 1: Create new articles with the feature “Data Collection and Creation”.

  • How it works: Using one or more keywords provided by the user (users can also query related keywords in the system), SCOHalo collects all related articles on the Internet for analysis and extracts paragraphs related to the topic and worth learning from. In addition, SCOHalo generates paragraphs related to the keywords with AI and creates the draft of an article using the specified template or the automatically generated outline. After that, SCOHalo rewrites or modifies the draft to generate a high-quality SEO article that meets the ranking requirements of search engines.
  • Application: Fast article creation with specific keywords or topics provided.
  • Steps: Step 1: Analyze keywords. Step 2: Generate an outline and a draft of an article with AI. Please click to view the specific operation method.


Method 2: Translate existing articles and generate articles in other languages.

  • How it works: Translate existing articles to quickly obtain their versions in other languages.
  • Application: Multiple-language SEO article creation. This feature can quickly create articles in multiple languages.
  • Steps: Please click here to view the steps.


Method 3: Import an existing article via URL.

  • How it works: Import the published article into the SCOHalo system by entering its URL, and then edit and optimize the article.
  • Application: Published article optimization. This feature can be used when the ranking of the published article has dropped. It can also improve the rankings of published articles.
  • Steps: Please click here to view the steps.


Method 4: Add a blank article.

  • How it works: Add a blank article. You can add and edit articles on this page.
  • Application: Self-created articles and HTML generation.